As the word may sound, racism originates from the term race. Race on its own is the whole pool
inhabiting the origination, genetic history, and family background of people. It could describe any
person at all in this global village; African, European, Asian or American amongst others. The race
has now become a social topic turning into a continental, political, and religious canker. Interviews
made by several media groups and statistics hovering over the internet clearly show how destructive
and inhuman this term is turning out to be. Some philosophers, social thinkers, scientists,
politicians, and the general population know the effects of this but are either silent or promote the
race. Now is bounded to being White or Black. The body complexion is a measuring stick to
criticize your race. In most cases and experiences, the Blacks who have their origins in Africa are
suppressed and consider the inferior race whilst almost true, the Whites mostly feel comfortable
propagating this terrible agenda.


Africans have been the victims of injustice for years. After slavery ended, blacks continued to
suffer from discrimination. According to Dr.Thomas Nagel, professor of philosophy at New York
University, our society was one of segregation and prejudice. The Civil Rights laws outlawed
discrimination, but there was need to guarantee that blacks would receive equal opportunities .The
result was the implementation of an affirmative action policy. Although the original intention was
to give minorities better chances to succeed, affirmative action programs led to the preferential
treatment of minorities – even if their credentials were weak. The most evident argument against
affirmative action is that it is unfair. Since the enactment of affirmative action programs, employers
have been required to consider minorities foremost in the employment process, even to the
exclusive of more qualified applicants. What does this mean for the Western businesses? This
policy forces them to adopt a system of discrimination against non-minorities. It’s a like a giveand-take practice where the blacks also inherently respond to the threats of racism by ‘fighting’
for their human rights. Aside, the blacks been considered inferior, they are tagged as drug dealers,
armed robbers, terrorists, prostitutes, and other social vices names.

This from researches has not only tarnish their names nor paint the entire African community black, but indirectly forced the Blacks to take up those profane jobs. This goes a long way to drastically reducing the labor force of nations, discourage those willing to taste greener pastures in terms of working, bring about low productivity and all blacks suffer the effect someway somehow. Consider the case of a white
teacher who was laid off from her job with the Piscataway, New Jersey, and school district. She
brought suit against the Board of Education because she was furloughed rather than a black teacher
who was hired at the same time with the same qualifications. A federal appeals court ruled that the
school board used racial bias in an employment decision because the black teacher was “retained
for diversity purposes”. This court decision recognizes that the civil rights of non-minorities are
sacrificed when employers try to meet the demands of affirmative action policies.
In addition to being unfair to nominations, affirmative action policies have a negative impact
on employer’s rights. It’s a good business sense to hire the best person for the job but not based
on race. There should be racial equality especially with the blacks versus whites’ issues. We are
indirectly waging an endless war against ourselves leaving it for our generations and beyond to
fight. Then where is the peace and unity we cry out for? Where is the people to build a brighter
world for our children’s children? Government interference with this issue makes it look bad but
if we could take patience a bit we would realize that they are a tool to avert this problem.

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Author James Bovard states that the U.S Labor Department Office has record a substantial volume of African American workers; meaning the blacks contribute largely to the country as well as other continents such as Europe, Asia and Australia. Another difficulty with affirmative action is that it creates uneasiness among members of the society. Continued attempts to enforce quotas will results in divided society when coworkers believe that minorities were hired to fill quotas.
When employees face stressful life threatening situations, as seen in police work, racial quotas add
to an already difficult situation. Successful black professionals are resentful when their colleagues
assume that they of ‘low quality’ than a white man in the same position. The world know that
racial quotas create problems, so it is time for the government to recognize that affirmative action
policies create division among the races. When will our lawmakers realize that federal guidelines
cannot guarantee racial harmony?


Affirmative action not only causes racial division, but it actually hurts those it was designed to
help. Because quotas specify how many minorities an employer on the basis of merit or racial
diversity. This means well qualified professionals are considered as just tokens .Ernest Van Den
Haag, a retired professor of jurisprudence at Fordham University Law School, states in his essay
“Affirmative Action and Campus Racism” that black members of the faculty who worked hard to
achieve a professional position are perceived as inadequate, as someone who was hired merely to
fill a quota. This impropriety damages an individual’s self-respect, the sense of being an excellent
personnel. This has recently affect black players playing in the Western world. The spectators
could even throw against them bottles, food stuffs or any object at all. The respect and dignity of
the players fall immediately and so may react to them bitterly. According to an article in Black
Enterprise, in the past minority graduates received fewer job interviews than whites, even though
they were well qualified. This type of discrimination was in the past but now companies and
agencies are adopting it.


Africans have been the victims of injustice for years. Our Continent and race has experienced
a serious number of racism attacks against the African race. It comes in many forms such as
deprivation of amenities, rights and freedom availability. All this has got critical effects on the
individual and the continent as a whole. The individual suffers a primarily stigmatization and total
breakdown of confidence as well as capabilities. To the continent, it paints our face black and
tarnishes our image. Some African people don’t get employed, some brutalized, emotionally
disturbed, career distraction for some football players especially outside our continent and whole
lot of adverse effects. After slavery ended, blacks continued to suffer the harm from racism. I
believe a harmonious and conducive atmosphere can be created through reconciliation and a
unified world deprived of African racism so that together we can build a better tomorrow.


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Writer: Amenyo Mawuenyefia Wisdom

Country: Ghana

Age: 22years