I am here because I dared to dream, to hope and imagine that I could be anything in life I mean they always tell me if you can see it then believe it and just maybe it can become reality. There are things I would like to think about myself, that “I am an agent of hope” , my motto should practically be “lets believe” not just because it’s what my name means but because everyone deserves a chance to believe in themselves and maybe something bigger than themselves. When I began this venture there was one question on my mind can I really be able to find words to express my thoughts efficiently and with clarity to paint the most vivid picture that would have a lasting effect making even a little dent on people’s hearts.

But of course, that was the least of my worries, I had to come up with content that is supposed to be worth publishing therefore I was confronted with the biggest challenge of my life. Now enough with my babbling coming to the real reason why we are here I need to tell you a story as always, I do not know where to start but the beginning is always the best way to go. It would be a big mistake or rather a crime if I did not give a thorough background, let me set the atmosphere for you to better understand everything I need to talk about.

Well this is a story about a dreamer, a wonderful lad full of life and hope some would label him as someone who has a lot of potential. He was born at Bongani Hospital in Welkom (the city of cycles), stayed there for a while but before he could even turn 5 years old his father was retrenched because mines were set to close that year just after his mother gave birth to his twin brothers as a result they whole family of 5 people had to relocate to his father homeland e-Tsomo, in Eastern Cape.

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Image of Main Character – illustrative art. credit to:

He was so excited about this move, he got to meet his grandmother and the rest of his extended family everything was going well for a while. But with his parents both unemployed that meant the only source of income would be SASSA grant, met with harsh material conditions present in rural settlement navigating this new environment was very difficult as a result the following year his parents separated, which meant his mother took him together with twin little brothers to her homeland Engcobo. This is where finished his foundation phase studies (grade 1-3), he was a top achiever he even taught some of his peers and he was even better than children from high grades to the point where educators wanted to promote him. Him contested in local reading competitions for primary school learners, with an audience that filled the Townhall. He duplicated a small-scale design of an external toilet as a result he thought he would be the world’s greatest architect. He also developed great love for the greatest sport on the face of the earth Soccer and he has invested his time ever since I do not think anyone would ever separate him from it, he is fan of the best team in Africa Mamelodi Sundowns FC (Abafana bestyle) and the greatest team in Europe Liverpool FC (YNWA) .

At that point his parents had reconciled, and his father was reinstated at the mine, this meant that they had to relocate back to Welkom where they lived in a 4-room shack in the dusty streets of Hani Park. Moving back was an exciting prospect for because it meant moving to an urban area and meeting new people accompanied by new experiences. Although he was now in better conditions at first he had to adapt to the new environment with language being one barriers which lead to poor performance the first term of grade 4 but after went back to being a top achiever with a highlight in grade 6 where he obtained 100% in English (FAL). He then became the Head boy in grade 7 during his last year in Mokgwabong Primary School where he also discovered that he wanted to become a businessman. Later that year all his hopes and dreams were nearly shattered when a theft case was open against him and his friends which was thrown out court after a couple of appearances before the magistrate.

Well he began his high school career at Lebogang Secondary School appearing in the top ten achievers for grade 8. He joined a rapping crew, wrote a few lyrics thought he was going to be next best MC in the country, but stage fright caught him off guard. He then became a founding member of a dance crew inspired by the movie sequel Step-Up

genwritersclub.org | Masikholwe Mbenguzana | blog
Smoking Moose and friends — Illustration

Moose was his favourite character. Then he started smoking weed, humbly and drinking alcohol, there were parties, bunking school and any stupid thing him and his friends decided to do. In the midst of this his studies were suffering in grade 10 he failed term 1-3 and by God’s grace passed term 4. Maybe that was a wake up because in grade 11 he was once again in the top ten achievers, at this point he wanted to become a mathematician inspired by series called Numbers that used to air at SABC 3, he even stood Infront of all the grade 11 gave a big speech about it. While doing his matric he looked at his lyric he wrote while he was an aspiring rapper and realised that he was a writer not a rapper, which led to many poems.

In matric with a lot of career exhibitions he attended he then decided that he wanted to be a chemical engineer because of the huge salary they get paid. He then passed his matric with Ap score 36 with 1 distinction in life science. Due to unforeseen circumstances he could not apply for chemical engineer as he is currently studying a BSc degree in Biochemistry and Genetics which led to his newfound passion for Genetics as he is currently doing his final year. In his imagination he is going to be a Geneticist with interest in a variety of fields like Psychology, Human Rights Law and Politics to mention a few. If there is one thing, he is certain about is that he is destined for greatness. Up to this point I believed I have shared enough about our dreamer although this is not the end of his journey if anything it seems as if it has just began, anyway here I did not share his bibliography but I want to highlight his ever changing and evolving hopes and dreams. All in all, every individual has his or her own journey of discovering passion, drive, talent and purpose in so doing do not neglect nor despise small beginning just trust the process allow yourself to go through pruning and refinement until the finished desired product manifest itself. 

The goal we should all be pursuing is to be better so that we can inspire others to be better and I believe that would make the world little bit better. If a son of a miner and temporary farm worker can have the audacity to dream and believe that anything is possible, what excuse do you have? So I would like to challenge everyone who has breath in their lung to strive for more than just surviving but to ravel in the idea that they could be great, that they could do great thing, that what they do can change someone’s life and they should stay to their selves knowing that being authentic is the only perfect version of this flawed world that should be embraced.

Writer: Masikholwe Mbenguzana

Country: South Africa

Age: 22years