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bell the cat | writer: Ajayibembe Adetoun Janet | Nigerian

As black herons make daytime night,
To lull unsuspecting fishes into their vicious claws,
So it came to turn our lives, stealthily,
With enveloping darkness soon to engulf us,
Usurping the status quo after a warring tussle,
Life took a different dramatically drastic turn,
Legacy laboriously labored for ages,

Upturned abruptly like a stitch in time,
Intricacies becoming more complex than the word of it,
Defying all subtle mollification from the numerous vaccines,
Striking with anger ladened brutality,
With an egregious record of murder trophies,
Corpses are strewn haplessly in the open fields,
The ultimate price paid with a fatal blow,
Loved ones mourn their irreplaceable loss,
While the vile virus counts the next victim to strike,

Homeless people trod the deserted streets,
Making a comfortable home from the discomforting sheets,
Families feeding a family on the privileged crumbs,
Living the day hoping for the best but expecting the worst,
While others go to rest with an empty stomach and ignited hopes,
But each new day seems a worse nightmare than the previous,

Who will help to bell the cat?
When the courageous have been slaughtered in the onslaught,
Losing their lives to help others save theirs,
Frontline workers and gallant heroes to their death,
But the evil flame is still glowing brightly,
As the blood of the fallen multitudes seems not to drown it out,
Who then is fanning it’s embers?
A mystery yet to be unraveled!

Writer: Ajayibembe Adetoun Janet

Country: Nigeria

Age: 20years