School Sponsorship

Sponsor Teen Ink's print magazine for any specific school or region that is important to you and bring your message to a large audience of students, parents and teachers. We will print your name on the cover of each issue every month. Contact for details and cost.

How school sponsorship works:

1. You select the schools - as many as you want - to receive Gen Writers  regular print magazine.

2. Your company's name will appear on the cover of every magazine you request, for the schools you sponsor.

Advantages for your organization / Individual:

1. Your message of supporting the sdgs and education reaches a large audience of students, parents and teachers, which tells them you care about youth, their voices and education. 

2. We contact the schools explaining your sponsorship and your support for teens / youth in the community. 

3. We send the magazines directly to the schools. There is no extra work or expense for you.  * You will be working with an organization that has experience with teens/youths, schools, educators and organization.

Advantages for the students you sponsor:

* Youths are connected with their peers nationwide in a forum that is exclusively theirs.

* Students have the opportunity to submit their work for publishing consideration in our magazine, podcasts and website.

* Schools automatically participate in our Academy Awards (coming soon) and Educator of the Year Programs.

* Students gain important reading, writing and communication skills necessary for success in school and the workplace/career.

Sponsor Today

Order a magazine now to contribute to education in Africa.