(Social) An African’s take on Black Lives Matter – “Inspiriring”

Writer: Atino Daisy Menya


Why should a father have to warn his son about the dangers of being black?

The color of your skin should never matter. Just like the rainbow, all the different colors simply represent diversity and togetherness, they form a beautiful sight. Why should a father have to warn his son about the dangers of being black? Why must dark chocolate be punished for being black and bitter sweet? That is its magic! The fact that we bleed the same is not enough for some people, so how about the truth that we all are human in every aspect. We all have beating hearts and bones.

I have come to learn, that the experience of a black life not being held in regard or the unfairness to the black man and woman is more evidence that evil exists even within the whitest of snows. It’s the evidence of our history books, of the wars our ancestors fought, of the battles our forefathers and mothers stood up against. We cannot say we are the civilized generation and yet go on to treat other humans as less than, we cannot say we rescind our mistakes but keep shooting others based on skin tone.

The story of black lives matter is actually regardless of the story about how all lives matter of color, race, gender and religion. To the soldiers on the forefront of this battle, to the ones who lost their lives, we salute you and we remember you. You did not choose this path, but you walk on it either way.
Be strong. Be courageous and remember, BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Writer: Atino Daisy Menya

Country: Uganda

Age: 24years