Imagine coming to work to sign documents on white sheets but end up signing them under bed sheets”

Being an african child is not easy as we face many challenges in order to get a better tomorrow. Rights of children are routinely violated in households, schools and the society in general leading to dropping out of most children that costs them a better future. Due to the level of starvation in africa, many die when they are infants and at times girls at a tender age are forced into marriages so that their parents can get enough to sustain themselves. Young girls are manipulated at their work places and institutions by their bosses and lecturers as they want something in return. Imagine coming to work to sign documents on white sheets but end up signing them under bed sheets. Seriously how long will an african child be tortured. Like really how long will we suffer !!!

The corruption in African countries is rampant that at times getting a job and passing highly in studies requires connections. This leads to unemployment and poverty of most youth which results them into being conscripted into criminal gangs and the rebels torturing this nation. But is this how an African child should live.

African youth have passed through a lot like sexual harrasment, child abuse, unemployment, starvation, poverty and many other disasters but being brought up in a poor or mediocre african family and facing all those challenges does not mean a curse. You can be lifted up to greater heights and be the change in your community. I have seen it happening and it is still happening. We can take a life long example of Nelson Mandela whose call was to never cease working for a better and just world and showed what is possible for our world and within each one of us if we believe, dream and work together. Do not be undermined by people’s words that you are nothing in this world, my friend you are something in this world. You are not a curse, you are a blessing.

All you need to do is grab every opportunity that comes your way. You can’t rewind your past but you can remake your future and improve the lives of those coming after you. Be the change you want to be and don’t be the change you want others to make you be. Being a black person does not mean being a failure, we can be the hope of our tomorrow.

Writer: Namugambe Rebecca

Country: Uganda

Age: 17years