The environment sings beautiful songs to us
but our values ​​become epic, In this computer and technological era.

Poor and lunatic
Griot, inhabitant of a chaotic land
On a hike, still lonely
Here I am strolling on these ruined dunes of Africa
In search of a healthy shelter
Dawn or dusk sing my music
Oh ! land of Africa
Crisscrossed by cataclysmic roads
Our crying remains dramatic
And our folk hopes
Our demographic transition is cataclysmic
But our food ration remains apocalyptic
Moreover, with all our minerals, we live under the strain of a chronic famine

Sad Africa, sad Africa
Our development is in a cabalistic circus
With so-called technical instructions
Even more scientific
We are still languishing in an economic system
Characteristic of the ancient economy
Slavery and domestic type
Sad Africa, sad Africa
The universe remains angelic
But our ambitions remain playful
And our evil dreams
The environment sings beautiful songs to us
But our values ​​become epic
In this computer and technological era

Our agriculture remains prehistoric
And our business, a cinematographic staging
Instead of our prophylactic skin
Although elastic, there is a sarcastic layer
Sad Africa, sad Africa
Continent without political autonomy
Neither economical,
Continent without politics, economy
Continent steeped in drastic effects
From the digital age
Our Platonic Politicians
Aim for a dynastic mandate.
Sad Africa, I want to celebrate you but, remain my tragic accent
Lost in these pathetic agreements
Sad Africa, sad Africa
Alone and dying of our pandemic diseases
The hospital remains ironic

And we moan in the abyssal depths
And above our retinas, infernal tears
Sad Africa, sad Africa
Africa, continent of continents
Cradle of Mankind
Or hoop of cruelty?
My Africa remains the dependent continent
Besides our ancient agriculture
A business like a cinematographic staging
Economic policy remains characteristic
From the ancient economy of slave and domestic type
And, arms dangling under the firmament, we never stop singing the tears

Of our souls
Africa’s tears
Sad Africa, sad Africa
Burdened with pain, so melancholy
Of my spasms, of my most iniquitous groans
Oceanic tears flow
Like the ebb of the arctic sea
In the face of the most critical living conditions
Our harvests remain fateful
Our life expectancy remains utopian
And in a choreographic dance step
Africa’s future
Sings me a tragic melody
Sad Africa, sad Africa
The smile remains laconic
When the horizon is a pathetic glow
Under the strain of our dynastic regimes
Stolen under democratic cover
Our tears of blood are automatic
And our homes, refrigerated trucks
Humanity is kaleidoscopic
But my Africa
Remains static
She sinks into the click
The legacy of our elders remains the tragic melody
Sad Africa, sad Africa
Africa is in tears, she cries the refrain of pathetic songs

If the world is a theater, why Africa, the audience?
Such an empirical audience
Africa is in tears, she cries the tragic melody
Sad Africa, sad Africa
Oh ! dear Africa
So melancholy
Don’t sink into the click
Because we will win without noise
This palm
Far from the infamous
So sing with me to the mysterious sound of my xalam to the scale of my poetic tom-tom
This tearful slam from the depths of our souls
The Glories of Africa.

Writer: Agblemagnon Fabrice

Country: Togo

Age: 24years