The pleading voices of the street kids, Echoes in the nations –

Out there on the street
With no hope of a better future
The pleading voices of the street kids
Echoes in the nations
The cries and pains of millions of children out there.

On the street with no parental love and care calls for the nation’s attention.

They cry for mercy and help to gain the hope they’ve lost.
One street child once said to me
‘I look on and wish for a day that someone will show up as a parent who is ready to care for me, and if that day will only exist in my dream … I don’t wish to wake up’
The children on the street struggle for survival, they grow up with no love and care.

Some becomes traitors to their nation..those are innocent souls thrown out to the wicked jaws of the street
A child on the street said ‘mummy left us with no goodbye hugs and kiss, we kept on waiting and hoping that one day, she will come back to us … But now we know better .. She has left us to the MERCY of the street.

Sometimes a closer observation will make one realize most of those kids have got talents that could help change the world, but for the lack of assistance and love to them … they end being a minority instead of a celebrity.

Writer: Anastasia Nzekwe

Country: Nigeria

Age: 18years