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(Social) An African’s take on Black Lives Matter – “Inspiriring”

Why should a father have to warn his son about the dangers of being black? The color of your...

(Social)Tears of Africa – Poem “Thoughtful”

The environment sings beautiful songs to usbut our values ​​become epic, In this computer and technological era. Poor and...

(social) THE HOPE OF OUR TOMORROW – “Be the change”

Imagine coming to work to sign documents on white sheets but end up signing them under bed sheets" Being...

(social) Why should you despise women? – “Questioning”

We need a world in which every woman will be seen as the future of tomorrow's development. Are women...

Glow from Body shaming – “Be confident”

"Be confident" The words of others can never determine your future. Body shaming is one of the major issues...